chest plateau help!!!!

  1. Angry chest plateau help!!!!

    I am 16 years old and i have recently hit a chest plateau. I have not been able to increase weight at all. I maxed out in August at 200 pound and now 2 months later I am still at 200. I have been switching my workout up about every month and I work my chest out once a week. Any traning suggestions to help me get through this FRUSTRATING! time. Also what supplements do you think will be good for me to gain lean mass and strength

  2. You're 16 you didn't hit anything. Eat more... You might be over training.


  3. I only train 3 times a week for about an hour long. Is that enough to overtrain?

  4. do you bench 3 times a week ? Work on legs back and tris? emphasize legs build from the ground up gotta have foundation first. your body will adapt and your bench will increase rapidly over time. Stick w just eating a lot and whey protein after you workout for now until you get older and your body is more mature

  5. With out knowing more about your routine and diet I would say.

    1 eat more. Especially clean carbs and protein

    2 find what is limiting your lift. Are your arms shoulders or chest slacking in comparison? Your as strong as your weakest point.

    3 hows your form?

    Give more information and well be able to help you more!

  6. Also, try reading thru old threads in the training and bulk sections. You'll pick up a lot of good tips!

    Sh!t.. Every once in a while I'll bump a old ass thread back from the dead bc I did a search before starting a new topic lol

  7. I only do chest 1 of those 3 days and my routine right now is flat bench 3 sets with 8-6-4 reps. Then incline dumbbells press 3 sets 5 reps each. Then 2 sets of 8 reps decline barbell bench. Then three set of cable crossers as many as I can with heavy weight usually about 7-5 reps. My diet is about 3500-4000 calories a day with about 150-200 grams of protein

  8. If your focus is benching more than don't neglect triceps of delts since they play a role in how much you'll bench. Hit your chest twice a week at about 6 working sets each session.

  9. Google "Max-ot training" it is perfect for the eager teen trainee. You can also Google "lee labrada routines''... That is another good option for you.

    Basics basics basics are what's best for you. If you want to keep training 3Xs a week and train chest once a week STICK TO BASICS.

    Example of a chest, delt tri day (I am assuming a split like back and bis day 1, chest, delts and tris day 3 and legs day 5)

    Bench 3x4-8
    Incline BB 3X4-8
    BB mill press 3X4-8
    Laterals 2X8-12
    Dips or Cg bench 2-3X6-12

    That's it. Do that once a week and you will grow. Forget about crossovers and pec decks and such. Press heavy wts if you want to get better at pressing heavy wts!

    When you leave this world, will it be a better place because you were here?

  10. Thanks dunhill225. I will definatly try that routine out tommorow.

  11. Your chest will only grow as big as your back will allow. I bet that your chest gets overworked....If you bench 200 and can only row 100, your chest is not gonna grow. Focus on your back, lats, triceps and upper chest. Inclines will make your bench go up.

  12. honestly your gonna hit platues, its just part of training, and it happens to all of us, just eat plenty, get plenty of rest, and keep training hard and you will excell..honestly every time i hit a platue and came through it my max would almost jump 20 lbs. its just part of lifting, and as others have posted most likely your just putting to much focus on bench and not your entire body. and overtraining is always a possiblity because even if you only lift 3 days a week, what you consider as your off days could be putting your muscles in and over worked state, and actually be reversing all progress you have been making..

  13. if you are eating enough, here is a quick fix that i 100% guarantee that you will surpass your plateau and go far beyond your limit what your at right now. DC training. try it. PM me or ask on here if you need help understanding it. I dont do it 100% exactly how your supposed to. I like my version of it, but i understand the real version somewhat well. my version works with my body best
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by bigintensions View Post
    I only do chest 1 of those 3 days and my routine right now is flat bench 3 sets with 8-6-4 reps. Then incline dumbbells press 3 sets 5 reps each. Then 2 sets of 8 reps decline barbell bench. Then three set of cable crossers as many as I can with heavy weight usually about 7-5 reps. My diet is about 3500-4000 calories a day with about 150-200 grams of protein
    Swap the workout around a bit, you can't do the same thing for a month at a time (as a matter of fact I wouldn't even do the exact same workout twice in a row for any muscle myself).

    Are you training for size? If so don't worry so much about the weight - as a matter of fact I haven't done flat barbell bench press in about 4 years. What you will notice is that 99% of people who experience a pec tear do so with flat barbell bench. Swap it to dumbells for a while on flat press.

    Lately I've been doing my flat presses last for chest - this results in using less weight for the motion of course, but you need to decide if you want to be a power-lifter or a bodybuilder. Even if the weight I use goes down by 25% by doing pressing last, I'm actually stimulating my pecs more because they are so tired. I'd rather look more impressive 24 hours a day than have more weight on the bar to show off for 5 minutes.

    If you're an athlete and you're training for power, then I would argue there are still much better exercises to choose from than the flat press. Explosive pushups with an overturned bosu are great, lunge and presses are excellent tools for performance as well and can be done on those free-motion cable systems.

    If you're more into bodybuilding, the aspect of your chest that needs more attention is the top. Not only does working upper chest enhance your V-taper, but if you look at photos of bodybuilders with amazing pecs you will notice that the connections to the scapula are well detailed and that the pecs pillow out to form a deep cavern. My long winded point is that in my opinion most people don't do enough incline work for chest. Also, too many people lock out the elbows when pressing - by keeping a slight bend at the elbows at the top of the motion and pausing you'll feel that the pecs are never allowed to rest.

    For building an impressive set of pecs I'd definitely recommend warming up with some light weight first, but then starting with incline DB presses first for 3-4 sets starting at 12 reps for set one, targeting 8-10 reps on set two and three, then raising the weight and targeting 4-5 reps on set 4.

    The next thing isn't a secret by any means, but it seems to have been forgotten lately - the smith press to the neck. With no weight on the bar, set up the smith press with a flat bench so that the bar comes down and would touch under your adam's apple instead of your chest - then set the safeties so that the bar can never actually touch you, and worst case scenario you can let the bar rest on the safeties and you can wiggle out of the bottom (you will need to if you do this right). If you have any shoulder issues start really light, regaurdless you will need to cut your weight from normal flat bench by about 25%. As you lower your weight, keep your elbows up high in line with the shoulders and you should again not lock the elbows, but definitely pause at the top. You should also pick your feet up off the ground and have your knees pulled back toward your chest. Follow the same rep scheme as above with 4 sets, however on sets 2,3, and 4 after your last rep you want to let the bar down very low to almost hit the safeties and just make a small mini-rep almost like a pulsing motion. Pump that bar up and down 8-10 times and then let it hit the safeties and squeeze out. This one you will feel in the top center of your chest like nothing you're ever felt before. I picked this up from Larry Scott (not personally) who got them from Vince Gironda.

    Exercise 3 I usually will go with flies, mainly on a cable machine. Make sure your elbows are straightened at the top of the motion and slightly bent at the rear - I will usually ramp up the reps to 15 , 12, 10, 8 for 4 sets with only small rest (30-40 seconds) in between. Sometimes I'll throw these last and do 7 sets beginning at 15 reps and keeping the same weight throughout with still only 30-40 seconds of rest (this is FST-7 you have probably heard of it). Many times when doing the cable flies I will put the seat as low as possible, far lower than usual. This results in you doing your flies with your hands elevated to about head height which will utilize more upper chest - I wouldn't recommend this seat height for the FST's as it can be a little harder on the shoulders as the chest fatigues.

    Exercise 4 I will usually target a Flat Hammer Strength Horizontal Bench Press machine - they are labeled as flat but usually are actually about a 20 degree incline. Hit 4 sets of 8-10 reps on this, not locking the elbows and controlling the motion.

    I never do the exact same thing week to week, I also like to use cable crossovers, dips, alternating arms during pressing so that one stabilizes at the top at all times, incline DB flies, drop sets, super-sets so it is hard to write a recommendation out. I hope that helps you.


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