5x5 intermediate program

  1. 5x5 intermediate program

    How come this seems like too little work to me? aside from the assistance work, seems like all the big lifts are too light and not enough reps with the exception of Deadlifts.

    I've been at static weight for the past 2 weeks, basically just maintaining due to being super busy with everything else. However, I'm going to start this linear progression program now. I keep hearing this is a good program, and with my limited time, it's perfect for me right now. However, according to the excel sheet calculator, I noticed that I don't get to my 5RM weight until wk4, so I started at the wk3 mark because it feels like wk1 and 2 are going to be useless for me.

    Should I just follow this program? or change up something?

    Current stats:
    BP 185x5
    OHP 115x5
    Squat 280x5
    DL 340x5
    b/o row 155x5

  2. Follow the program. And as long as your progressing,even a little, its working



  3. ^^Agreed.

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