Anaerobic exercise immediately after workout

  1. Anaerobic exercise immediately after workout

    Read somewhere that if you do a short anaerobic workout immediately after pumping iron it triggered the release of more growth hormone. Anyone know any studies verifying this or experience to vouch for its effectiveness? Also, would the amount of energy burnt during this exercise (that could be used to build muscle) be outweighed by the benefit of that extra growth hormone?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. A. Do you mean aerobic?

    B. There is ZERO SCIENCE showing exercise induced hormone increases having any effect on growth, recovery, fat loss, etc...
    When you leave this world, will it be a better place because you were here?

  3. No, he means anaerobic. There is a high correlation between lactate production and exercise GH pulse. It would have to be longer work and shorter rest ratios 30:60, 60:60 to generate the la.

    And, as Dunn pointed out, the correlation between exercise induced hormone release and strength gains is pretty weak. GH is a very transient hormone, and the relationship between GH release, IGF-1 release, binding and action is pretty complicated. the anaerobic work for conditioning, preferably at a time separate from lifting.


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