lower chest

  1. lower chest

    what is a good lower chest workout. I feel like my upper chest gets the most pump on chest days. Currently i do decline bench and dumbbell but i dont get a good pump feeling in my lower chest. Anyone have any ideas to throw into the routine ?

  2. Dips til' the cows come home.

    Make sure you're going down until you get a nice stretch in the center of your chest and really feel the contraction.

  3. tricept pushdowns with the straight bar. lean slightly forward and when pushing the bar down contract ur chest.

  4. Just stick to basic mass exs and stop worrying about upper, lower or any other part of a muscle. Bench more wt, dip with more wt, etc and your CHEST will grow.
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  5. that one with cables on either side of you, pulling across and down your chest

  6. Do decline wide arm bench presses and weighted dips. Wide arm push-ups work too.


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