Pain in chest after back workouts.

  1. Pain in chest after back workouts.

    So, after training back I tend to have alot of pain in my chest. feels almost as if my middle of my back is too tight on my lungs. I train alot of lats and rows, along with pullups. those are the only common theme on my back days. and yesterday was a fairly easy day, so I am supprised that I still have pain. I feel as though it might be from Tbar rows. If anyone has any experience with this just let me know, something interesting to talk about and figure out.

  2. I always warm up before hand, and stretch after hand, and I use some DC/fascia stretching techniques during my back days, thought maybe those might be causing the increased tightness. My back has actually been growing like crazy lately and is feel good. its just the day or two after workout. It is possible that I am putting too much inward strain on my rib cage from the lats and back?

  3. Thats very possible because I am recovering from a lower back injury. I have been keeping the weights lower in order to ensure a healthy proper recovery and to keep form as good as possible. But there are still imbalances in muscles in both size and flexibility. Maybe this is causing my tbar and bent over rows to be putting unusual pressure on certain areas? if I am reading what your saying correctly. I have had the same form and types of exercises in and out of my routine for almost 3 years of training. So i don't think that it is them. So it must be posture/form. I will try to pay a little more attention next back day to see if I notice anything.

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