Elbow pain

  1. Elbow pain

    Hi everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this as there really isn't a place for it but I figured it can really hinder training in the gym so.... here goes. I was wondering if anyone knows what the name is for the pain that occurs right on the inside of the elbow. It basically hurts whenever my arm curls up, with or without weight. Sometimes it will last for a month or two and then go away, other times its a couple of days. Its usually on my right arm but just recently it has been on both arms, but more painful on the left. Im fairly certain it's from heavy lifting for so many years but I was wondering what it was called.

  2. Tennis elbow or repetitive strain injury maybe ?

  3. Tennis Elbow I noticed tricep extension flares mine up.

  4. I think that's a pretty common pain to experience. In college I started getting it really bad so I went to the athletic trainers who taped a huge bag of pelletized ice on it. Did that for two weeks and it went away. Now I deal with spats of it here and there but avoiding certain exercises (extensions, bench dips, and skullcrushers for me) seems to keep it at bay. A good tricep warm up with some light dumbells or just some 5-10lb plates seems to help a lot.

    Now I do absolutely zero tricep isolation work and they've never been bigger.

  5. yeah a bunch of my friends have it as well. But while they get the pain on the outside, like tennis elbow, i get the pain on the inside. So basically my pain doesnt occur on pressing movements or tricep exercises. It hurts on bicep exercises and some back ones as well. I've tried the ice thing and it works relatively well but the next day its the same problem again. Havent been able to find anything on making it go away permanently

  6. Yup sounds like tennis elbow, and heavey french press/skull crushers/lying tri extensions(before I learned a better way to perform them), have a tendency to make it flare up.

    Some simple advice would be stop doing them for awhile and find other tricept movements to get good at, there are ALOT of them. Another suggestion would be fat bars or much cheaper fat gripz. They seem to take pressure off my elbows and my shoulders plus make my grip alot stronger in the long run, win win imo. Third sugestion to stop the pain that I recently finally tried after reading about it for years and years is dmso. Rub it on and the pain is gone plus as long as you allow the affexted area to recover it seems to speed healing in alot of cases. Its very cheap and used safely great stuff.


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