6 week GVT followed by Dorian Yates' HIT

  1. 6 week GVT followed by Dorian Yates' HIT

    I'm on my first week of GVT and I have to say that I'm really impressed with how beat I am with so little variation. My question is whether or not anyone thinks that the drastic difference between high volume/low weight and low volume/high weight is the best way to go. My plan is to go 6 weeks on the GVT cycle on a 4 day split and then transition to HIT for 6 weeks after that. If I see decent results I may end up implementing an alternating program where I do 1-3 weeks GVT followed by 1-3 of HIT. I think that the variation may help my body avoid acclimation to my routine.

  2. Imo you can implement all the variation you could need into a HIT routine. You mention Dorian...he never varied from HIT style training. It is one thing to take an "active break" and back off for a bit but I don't see the need for a BBer to train any style other than HIT.

    You can train as you please and as long as there is progressive resistance then you will progress. I just believe HIT is the most efficient way to go about it.
    When you leave this world, will it be a better place because you were here?

  3. Thanks. I've just been doing the same thing for so long I thought I'd try something a little different. GVT was appealing because it was so much simpler than my previous workout. If my being in pain is any sign of progress then I'd say it's going well so far.

  4. Im in my third week of six weeks GVT and so far I have to say I am impressed. But my understanding is to only use the program once or twice a year. I would tend to agree with dunhill that HIT is the way to go normally. My thought was to use it to break through plateaus. BTW the leg workouts are f****ing killers. Cant walk without limping for about three days.

  5. GVT is fun, so is HIT. The key is variation~! Good luck!



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