Wondering if I'm over doing it?

  1. Wondering if I'm over doing it?

    I'm trying something new. I'm lifting twice a day 3X a week. I'm doing cardio once a day 2-3X a week. In the mornings, I'm lifting lighter with high reps(12-15). Evenings I am lifting heavier with lower reps (6-8). My schedule as of right now looks like this.

    1 Chest, Shoulders,Tri's (Abs added afternoon)

    2 Cardio

    3 Back, Biceps

    4 Legs, Forearms (Abs added afternoon)

    5 Cardio

    6 Rest, stretching or light cardio

    Start over with my routine. Is this too much or not enough? Need help or advice. Thanks for the input.

  2. Someone with your enthusiasm should check out Max-OT. It has enough recovery time built in and allows someone like you to train 5 days a week.

    Oh, to answer your question....if the goal is to gain muscle then YES its too much. If you are morbidly obese.... Probably not.

    If you were gaining strength and muscle at a good rate you wouldn't ask the question so you probably really know the answer.
    When you leave this world, will it be a better place because you were here?

  3. Thanks. Yes I would consider myself still obese. I quit lifting several years ago and started back up about a year ago. I got up to 290lbs. Since I have dropped to 227 at 6'2". I will check into Max-OT. I would like to get down to about 210 and the start bulking up.

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