Workout regiment

  1. Workout regiment

    I do chest tri mon, tues back bi ,cardio , thurs shoulders,fri legs. Sat sun optional. Does anyone else go in and through excerises for there workouts together for there day . I do and have since I started lifting. Would it be more beneficial to follow a workout plan? Thanks for help.

  2. Not sure what the question is. Do I have a "set" routine for each body part? IS that the question? If it is then not really. Most body parts get 3-5 exs 1 HIT set per ex. 1 ex pee body part does not change but the other exs I just do what ever I want to or feel that day... Sometimes its just what's available that day.
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  3. I mean like I have a set schedule . But my workouts consist of just winging it . Would I benefit better and see better results . If I found a workout plan to follow.

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