Time needed to recover as you get bigger and stronger

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    Time needed to recover as you get bigger and stronger

    I have heard that the more advnced you get in weight training (bigger and stronger), you can start doing more sets, reps and have less resting time. Hence, advanced training programs have a very high volume.

    I also have heard the exact OPPOSITE.

    Personally, I noticed that I make the most gains by lifting once every 3 days. Seems to me the more advanced I am getting, the more rest I need.

    Is my instinct correct or am I simply getting lazier?

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    I think it all matters about the volume of the lift by the time people get more advanced they have there workouts pretty dialed in and know what they need to do to absolutely kill there body in every workout. The amount of rest you need shouldn't change as you get bigger or if your smaller if you work out extremely hard each time you only have to work out each body part once a week.

    I mean don't you feel like when you lift one body part a week you really kill it every time you go in for a lift you feel fresh, working out every day can leave you fatigued and even if you have the strength to lift 500 pounds you may only be able to get up 450. Rest in my mind is most important factor of training if you get that right amount of rest where your just about fresh but not too much is when i feel like i have the best lifts and make the best gains.
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    i used to do lots of high volume stuff. now i do DC and i LOVE it.

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    some people respond better to high volume while others dont.. has little to do with the amount of experience
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