Hi all,

5'9, 190lbs 16 inch arms flexed cold. 245bench, 310 squat, 410 deadlift, 185SOHP. 2 years AAS experience.

Old routine:
1 exercise per bodypart, 3 bodyparts per day. 1 exercise day every 3 days.
Pyramid up to 1 rep max (approx 3 sets to get there). 2 additional sets of 8 reps.
This method has made me gain a tremendous amount of strength and gave me approx 1 inch on my arm per year.


I am looking at tweaking my training regime a bit in the hopes that I can get hypertrophy faster. I feel that I have a solid foundation that I can start to pay more attentoin to gaining more size and to details.

I need some opinions regarding the following 3 tyeps of trainign methods:
FIRST TYPE: hypertrophy specific training
It states to do 1-2 stes for each bodypart, and to train that same body part 3x a week.

SECOND TYPE: what the pro bodybuilders do
They do 5-6 sets per bodypart for about 10 reps each, doing 1 bodypart each week approx.
This is diff from mine in the sense that my first 4 sets are low reps while the last 2 sets are higher rep.

5 sets, 5 reps each per bodypart.

My question is....should I tweak my training routine or should I go with either one of those I proposed here? WIth regards to 5x5, I noticed that it is very popular with members here.....but why is it that the Mr olympias dont seem to do this?