5x5 modified routine critique

  1. 5x5 modified routine critique

    I was wondering if I could get some critique on my proposed workout plan. I recently came off a 5 day split (4 sets x 6-10 reps increasing weight each set); chest, back, legs, arms, shoulders (about 16 weeks). Pretty much stalled on most of my major lifts, so I thought I would try the 5x5 method.

    I Have been doing this routine for the last 2 weeks and it's more of a full body workout rather than a traditional split;

    Mon - Weighted chins (5x5), BB Calf Raise (4x10), Seated Calf Raise (4x10), Overhead Press (5x5), Side Lateral Raise (5x5), Wide bent row (5x5), Close grip bench (5x5)

    Tues - Weighted Pull-ups (5x5), Weighted Dips (5x5), Flat Bench (5x5), Leg Curls (4x10), Squats (5x5), Shrugs (5x5)

    Thurs - Dumbbell Preacher (5x5), BB Calf Raise (4x10), Seated Calf Raise (4x10), Front Delt BB raise (5x5), Side Lateral Raise (5x5), Wide bent row (5x5), Skull Crushers (5x5)

    Fri - Bent over row (5x5), Incline Bench (5x5), Deadlifts (5x5), Shrugs (5x5)

    I think I prefer a split better because I feel I have really exhausted my muscles after the workout. So here is my modified plan;

    Mon (Chest/Tris) - Weighted Dips (5x5), Flat Bench (5x5), Incline Bench (5x5), Skull Crushers (4x8), Close Grip Bench (5x5), V-bar tri pulldown (4x8)

    Tue (Legs) - Squats (5x5), Standing BB Calf Raise (4x10), Seated Calf Raise (4x10), Romanian Deads (5x5)

    Thurs (Back/Bis) - Weighted Pull-ups (5x5), Bent over BB Row (5x5), Deadlifts (5x5), Weighted Chins (5x5), BB Curls (3x8-10), Hammer Curls (4x10)

    Fri (Shoulders/Traps) - Overhead Press (5x5), BB Front Raise (5x5), Side Lateral Raise (5x5), Wide Grip Row (5x5), Shrugs (5x5)

    Anyways, please give me some feedback. I want to try this new routine next week, so any help would be appreciated.


  2. im liking the split but id personally switch thursday and friday since the squat and deadlift are pretty brutal to do 2 days apart when done intensly. one of the few routines that i actually like that iv seen on this forum.
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  3. Way too much calf work, and way too prioritized. No need for seated calf raises - the soleus is a small muscle and its a slow-twitch dominant muscle with little potential for growth.

    Get rid of the front raises, add in more rear delt raises and face pulls.

    Vary your reps more. The first exercise or two should be 5x5 and the rest (ancillary) should be in the 8-15 range. In fact, you need more core, fixator, synergist and stabilizer work.


  4. now that i look at it, def agree with too much calf work and front raises arent neccesary unless youve got really stubborn front delts. but then again iv never really put in much calf work myself. i like the weighted chins, not many people do them but i feel like they contribute to alot more functional strength than just bent over rows.
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  5. Thanks for the feedback. I will get rid of the seated calf raises. Any other ideas for legs day? This leaves me with only 3 exercises. I work out at home so I don't have access to a lot of machines. I have a squat rack, and a pulldown machine, an extensive set of dumbbells and Olympic weights.

    I will also replace the front raises with rear delt raises. I agree, I probably get enough front delts with incline bench and shoulder press.

    Thanks again.

  6. Legs - pitcher squats, split squats, lateral squats, lunges, traveling lunges, side lunges, over head traveling lunges, single leg rumanian dead lifts, good mornings, you can even do leg curls on a decline bench holding a dumbbell between your legs. Swiss ball leg curls, glute-hip barbell bridges



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