USPA Olympia Invitational

  1. Future
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    USPA Olympia Invitational

    I lifted raw in the 275 class. Finished with a 1940 total (750-440-750).

  2. Great lifts. Made that squat look easy.

  3. Future
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    Thanks. Yeah I think I had more in me. Worlds is December so shooting for 800 knee wraps.

  4. 800 is definitely a reasonable goal for you by December(Unless knee wraps actually help a lot? I've never used them before.)
    Good luck.
  5. Future
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    Yeah knee wraps help alot. But I dont use them. Just a loose knee sleeve. My 750 last week was with just sleeves.

  6. How much have you done in the 3 lifts in practice?

  7. Banshee! Very impressive squat.

  8. Future
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    Thank you sir!


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