Favorite Mass Routines

  1. Favorite Mass Routines

    I looked through the training threads and couldn't find anything... I'm switching up my routine and am looking for a new mass routine. I'm not particularly concerned as much with strength.

    If you guys could just post up your favorite mass training regimens so I have somewhere to start researching.

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  2. Well, mass you could go a few different routes, but usually pretty well tied in with strength. If you're lifting heavier and getting stronger, size will follow.

    My personal favorite and the one I go by is the DoggCrapp workout. Good guide for that can be found here

    Aside from that an easy one to stick to it and follow is the 5x5 workout so that would be suggestion #2.
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  3. Sweet! Super stoked you replied bro, thanks. Heres my one ? about DC since its always sparked my interest. I was told a few times DC is a killer on the CNS and you can't really do it naturally. How true do you find this to be?

    I've been looking into 5x5 but I am leaning towards DC for a couple months first.
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  4. I do it naturally and it works wonders for me. Granted, you should have a few years of experience before starting a DC so it may not be a starter's routine. I've put on quite a bit of lbs naturally ever since I started DC, never had those kind of gains before DC with any other training program. As far as CNS I can't comment on that, have never heard about it.

    5x5 is a solid choice though, especially if you're just starting.
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  5. Right on man thanks again for the help. Once I get to a computer i'll give you some reps fo' sho'! For commenting and the email!

    I think I'm going to kinda customize myself a routine lately my chest has been responding better to around 5 sets of benching. I dont want to mess up a good thing. In the 6-7 years I've been working out I've never had progress like this.

    I'm on chapter 3 of the dc routine link you sent me and so far so good. After I read that, I'm going to read Muscle Logic. EDT principals kinda got my attention as well.

    Again thanks for posting bro I didn't realize that mass bulking routine threads were so looked down upon here so it's cool you took the time to post.
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  6. Hey bro just stumbled across this. I've done DC and 5x5 both. Both worked great for me but def. got more mass from 5x5 BUT for me the key to 5x5 was not being able to get all 5 reps by myself. So it's hard to do without a spotter. I've done it twice and the first time I didn't get alot out of it and i think it was because I was getting every rep myself with no spots except the last set. The last time I did it for example On flat bench I would use a weight that I could barely get all 5 reps On the first set and stay close to that weight all 5 sets maybe going up 10 pounds and really struggling the last 3 sets. By the last set I usually needed a spot on the last 4 reps lol . What did u decide on since this was a month ago? Hope this helps broham.
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  7. Crossfit football

    If you want to get retarded big, retarded fast, I recommend it. It's designed for football players and in football mass and speed are the name of the game. Currently bulking and loving the program and gains.


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