Training split question...need help

  1. Training split question...need help

    Hey bros. I'm begining my fourth week on a 600mg deca / 750 mg test E per week cycle. I'm 32 5'11" 189bls 5-6%BF. I've been training awhile and have a few cycles under my belt.

    Currently, my routine looks like this:

    Mon (day 1): Chest - 12 to 14 sets of various exercises.
    Tue (day 2): Shoulders - 12 to 14 sets of various exercises.
    Wed (day 3): Off
    Thur (day 4): Traps and back - Traps are 8 sets and back are 12 sets of various exercises.
    Fri (day 5): Bi's and Tri's - Tri's are 9 sets and bi's are 9 sets
    Sat (day 6): Legs 12-15 sets of various exercises and 30 min on the bike
    Sun (day 7): Rest.

    I generally do between 6-12 reps on each exercise. My question is this. Keeping in mind that rest makes you grow, is it okay to do my arms twice a week instead of just once? I'm thinking I could tweek this routine and do a light bi's and tri's workout on Tuesday. What do you bros think? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. If I tried to do that much volume it would leave me severly over trained. When you say you do X amount of sets for a muscle group are you counting warm ups? Also its not smart to do cardio on the same day as a leg workout. If I were you I would go with a lower volume routine, but that's just me, and what i respond well too. It's really impossible for us to tell you if your over training or not snice only you know how your body responds to so much volume. But i would say that for the average trainee this would leave them overtrained.

  3. I understand. When I say X amounts of sets, this is what I mean. On my chest day, I'll do 3 sets of flat dumbell presses, 3 sets of incline dumbell presses, 3 sets of flat dumbell flys, 2 sets of cable flys and a set or two of dumbell pull overs. I don't do the same exercises every week, but that's just an example.

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