severe it band pain when squatting

  1. severe it band pain when squatting

    I've built my legs from doing squats eventually reaching the 500lb mark which I can no longer do. I began having tightness along the outside of my legs about 1 1/2 yrs ago. It always went away after a long warm-up. For the last two weeks the it band in my right leg has been so painful I am forced to stop the lift. I foam roll the second I get home and have been every day since the severe pain began. Any suggestions/Ideas?

  2. The figure 4 is my favorite to use.
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  3. Thanks for the video. I do all of that except for the seated stretch about every day.

  4. You can't actually stretch the IT band. Connective tissue making up tendons and fascia is not very elastic, and adapts very slowly. What you can do, however, is stretch the muscles that attach to it and use myofascial release to improve parallel healing of the collagen fibers. So stretch your glutes and tensor fascia latae, and foam roll your it bands. As well, stretch your lateral hamstring and work to strengthen you medial hamstrings and VMO.


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