1. Pseudo-Gyno?

    Hey guys I have a question, does this look like pseudo gyno? There is no lump it just feels like loose skin, doesn't hurt at all, and I have been using eviscerate smolder on my chest for about 2 1/2 weeks and picked up my cardio a bit. I think that i just need time for my chest to tighten up a bit, one pick is my chest flexed without hard nips and the other is my chest flexed with hard nips, It looks noticeably different, maybe because my nips getting hard tightens up my chest a bit?

    s Flex/

    there is 1 space between the s and 1 because I cannot post pictures yet.

  2. nahh dude ur good. thats just a little fat.

  3. Increase potassium intake and cardio, think youll be good!

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