deload week recommendations

  1. deload week recommendations

    Hey guys, Im planning to take the next week to "deload". My plan was to just basiclaly do my normal routine with lighter weights, higher reps, no supersets, no failure just eeling the muscles work. I was jsut looking for any recommendations on training, how hard you go on a deload week, how often you lift, any other thigns to help with recovery, maye even nutrition recomendations, Thanks!

  2. I don't know what routine you follow. A few powerlifting buddies of mine from Roanoke BB do something somewhat specific, but here's the basic idea:

    -Go for sets of 10-20 on everything, and don't hit under 20 reps for shoulders (if you can't do 20, go back to the last weight you did 20 on)
    -3 sets per exercise
    -Minimize exercises done (so maybe about 4 exercises in the day for a total of ~12 sets)
    -One of the bench days they subbed out bb bench with DB bench for sets of 10
    -For ME bench they would work up to a 1 rep at 90% of your max and then rep out 75% leaving 1 or 2 in the tank
    -Sub out squats for stuff like step-ups
    -Dont deadlift

    That's about it. I'm sure others might have their own things they do. I do DC training, so I would just pick a weight I would normally do but I don't rest-pause it and I don't use negatives, and I do 3 sets with that weight with 2-3 minute breaks between sets.

  3. you can really do anything you want, as long as it's not what you usually do.

    when I did DC, i deloaded every 8weeks because it fit my oncall schedule, i'd either take the week off or do one or two full-body workouts, just to get the blood flowing

    when I did 5/3/1, i deloaded every 4 weeks, and did DE workouts (light weight concentrating on form and explosiveness).

    it is entirely up to you, as long as you dont tax yourself (physically, mentally or your CNS)

  4. thanks alot guys!.... i like teh idea of the explosive reps, but at the same time i wanna feel the contractions and get a good pump............hmmmmm decisions decisions

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