somehow ive managed to pinch a nerve in my neck/upper back almost once a month for like 4 months. it used to happen every once in a while, usually going too heavy on an exercise i dont do too often or just going too heavy in general on something like pullups, dips, etc. i have no idea whats been going on recently though, its been happening more and more on exercises that i do a lot, do properly, and with the same amount of weight as i usually do..... i figured it was bound to happen soon as it was still kind of lingering from last time, and has been getting worse when i wake up (i think i slept on it wrong last week), and it did today, doing skull crushers.

anyway, it generally sidelines me for at least a week, and right now im in the middle of a test booster cycle, so i want to get back into it asap. any secrets or suggestions? usually i just let it heal, but today i iced it after my workout (i cant tell exactly where it is, i cant move my head to the right very well, but it feels almost like its in my upper back although there is pain in my neck).

any advice/creams/icing cycles/stretching ideas?