Wide Hips In Men

  1. Wide Hips In Men

    Okay guys i know the chances are slim, but is there any science behind it?

    "You can reduce the width of your hips by wearing a tight belt around your hip bones every night. Its a very uncomfortable process, but you will lose about 1 millimeter of hip width every week. Make sure you use padding around the belt so it doesn't dig into your skin. Make sure the belt or strap is tight enough so that it doesn't fall off at night. Also make sure that its not too tight, but tight enough that you feel pressure.

    Bones are very sensitive to consistent fatigue and stress which is why they repair so quickly after they are broken. The coxal bone will curve inward over several weeks time. Try using a tie if you cannot use a belt.

    Women in China bound their feet together for centuries and women in south east Asia place rings around their necks. These two cultural practices are proof that the bones of the human body are adaptable to the desired state if given the proper stresses.

    A young woman's hips will widen with the release of hormones. Just think what a little bit of pressure would do to a man's hips over several weeks.

    Good Luck!"

  2. yah but why smush your orgens and shift them around? it will happen. just like women th used to use corsetts... NOT healthy.
    I think its a bad idea anyway.
    i rec you put on muscle uptop and bulk up with mucle in arms and chest (if you a guy) and you will look less "hippy" over time.
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  3. Hmm i think your organs will shift about if you put a belt around your waist, don't think it would with the hips. Many bodybuilders who think this will happen say you must literally wear the belt 24/7 to change the shape of the bone. It probably takes months though.

  4. ok yeah suppose this works, the people in the cultures that you mentioned have very brittle bones because of these modifications. putting extreme pressure against the diaphysis of the bone could be catastrophic. my thought is that it would cause in imbalance between osteoblasts and osteoclasts, casuing the bone to become too dense or too porous. the health hazards involved in modifying your skeletal structure outweigh any benefits (if any).

  5. Gutted Razor, even if you have a big back and wide shoulders, if the hip bone sticks out to wide it's so obvious and annoying.

  6. Chinese women (of certain villages) feet are placed in constraints from a very young age while the bones are still growing.

    I'm not sure there is any way to reduce the size of the bones without undergoing severe bone remodelling and losing bone mineral density. And even then, the illium (which you are trying to reduce) serves as an attachment site for a dozen other muscles. Even if you could reduce the width, you would be potentially sacrificing the strength of the obliques, multifidis, and other important core and hip muscles.



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