sore triceps after back work???

  1. sore triceps after back work???

    i feel like i should know the answer to this by now, but every once in a while ill hit back while my triceps are still sore (did tri's saturday, then back yesterday) and for some reason i feel like ive worked them out all over again... weighted pullups really made them sore while i was working out (kept trying to stretch them to no avail) and today when i woke up they were more sore than they were yesterday when i woke up... so im having to scrap my chest workout for the day.... anyone know why this is?

  2. man, i lifted chest monday, and tuesday my back was sore. weird things happen bro. idk the answer, but somebody will
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  3. yeah, its weird, my friends said they have the same thing.... they dont get sore after doing back unless theyre already sore before.. then they get REALLL sore

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