Bodybuilding and biking questions!

  1. Question Bodybuilding and biking questions!

    Hey all I just recently fell in love with biking and have even purchased a nice road bike to zip around town. I have tried to do HIIT when im riding around casually but im not sure at one point bike riding will be detrimental to building muscle. My questions are as follows:

    At what pace and how long should I ride at to avoid catabolism?

    Is cycling an effective way to do HIIT?

    Is casual cycling around town at a slow pace detrimental to building muscle in any way?

    Thanks! Any other advice on top of answers to these questions is welcome and appreciated.

  2. If your worried about losing muscle eat more food, food will keep you Anabolic. You will only lose muscle from biking if you starve yourself. Most people who bike get fat from eating to much so if your interested in gaining weight and staying lean then stay with the bike.

  3. Casual riding will not be will actually be beneficial to recovery. If you are doing hard rides, then eat to cover them.

    Enjoy...I personally like mountain biking, much more interval in natura, especially when you get good and can ride some technical climbs.


  4. Thanks for the input. I will make sure I throw in extra calories on hard riding days to make up for the deficit.

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