Quick workout

  1. Quick workout

    I have a half hour to workout and was hoping to get my bi's and tri's blasted. Any suggestions on the best exercises to shred my arms in the 30 minutes? Thanks.

  2. Biceps: close grip BB curl, Incline DB curl, preachers

    Triceps: Reverse grip bench, weighted dips, overhead DB extension
    shut up and squat!!!

  3. Do a few sets of waterfall EZ-bar curls/skull crushers after a quick warm-up.

    Waterfall curl layout:
    Start with 20-25 pounds on each side, do ten reps with perfect form, take five pounds off each side, immediately continue to rep ten more out...continue until you're down to the bar.

    Waterfall skull crusher:
    Same thing, only maybe start with a heavier weight.

    That will put hair on your chest! Also give you one heck of a pump.

  4. thanks for the replies!

  5. ya u can do alot of super sets to get a quick workout and still be effective
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