Close Grip Bench the Day After Shoulders?

  1. Close Grip Bench the Day After Shoulders?

    I've been trying to find a good 5-day split. I like this one:


    But I'm worried about doing close grip bench and weighted tricep dips the day after shoulders. I feel like those two exercises could aggravate my shoulders while they're recovering. Has anyone else done this split and had success? Or think its alright to do CGBP and dips after shoulders?

  2. why not do this if u are worried about that. do a 4 day split. give ur body an extra day of rest to grow.

    Mon - Chest/Triceps
    Tues - Back/Biceps
    Wed- OFF
    Thurs - OFF
    Fri - Shoulders
    Sat - Legs
    Sun - OFF
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  3. I was thinking about that but I'd rather have a day for arms.

  4. It might be aggravating, but it shouldn't affect your strength or rep scheme in that respect.

  5. could just drop shoulders day all together. not like its needed since every pressing and rowing movement uses them
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  6. yeah i second dropping shoulders. i dont even lift them. i do accessory lifts for shoulders on leg day but no pressing movements. i get sore in my front delts from chest as it is. drop shoulders and add arms
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  7. I do:

    Mon: Legs
    Tue: Back
    Wed: Chest
    Thur: Off
    Fri: Arms/abs
    Sat: Shoulders
    Sun: Off
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  8. its going to be different for everyone... some people hit the same body parts multiple times per week, and they keep growing (think HST training)

    try it, sometimes working the same muscle group 2 days in a row is beneficial... theyre called "feeders" ... you supply fresh blood and nutrients to the muscle... i do it sometimes...
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    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  9. I might just try it and see how it goes but I'm definitely not droping shoulder day. I used to do chest and shoulders on the same day but now I want to have a shoulder day. I want to get them alot bigger and stronger. I'd like to have a day for each body part.

  10. Here's my split that has really proved effective for hypertrophy over the passed few months. I don't like grouping a back and chest day together because tightness in one group limits movement from the other.

    Monday: Deadlift and back (Heavy as sh!t. Also, I throw in lower back at the end)
    Tuesday: Abs (1 hour straight...a strong core is very important. I do as many static exercises as possible. I've noticed over the years that spinal flexion is bad long run.)
    Wednesday: Off
    Thursday: Chest (If I add shoulders to my's on chest day. Military press or clean and jerk dominate my program, if I clean...I do it before chest though.)
    Friday: Squat variations (Emphasis on front squats and other movements that don't involve much hamstring work)
    Saturday: Arms
    Sunday: Off

    I try to avoid working out more than one hour if I can help it. This has worked well for me over the past few months. Each time I mix up my routine...I get better at it. So far, this is my masterpeice)


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