FNG needing assistance..

  1. FNG needing assistance..

    Hey guys, im new at this thing and need a little help. Been lifting for about a month. When i went the first few days i felt sore the next day but i dont anymore. Ive been doing about 6 sets of each exercise and on the last couple reps of the last few sets im struggling but on the first three sets its pretty easy all reps.. should i start with more weight at the start of the sets and reduce it as i go on? Any guidance is nice, i want to get bigger and i finally have time and money to invest in it.

  2. You need to let us know things like:

    - Goals (muscle gain, fat loss, etc.)
    - Number of workout days
    - Workout split (i.e. full body workouts or chest/shoulders/tri one day and then back/legs/biceps another, etc.)

    Take a look at the bb workout database at http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/workoutdatabase.htm as this has hundreds of workout programs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roughneckgru View Post
    I finally have time and money to invest in it.
    Don't make the mistake of buying a lot of supps. If you have only just started lifting then you really don't need anything. Maybe some whey for a post workout drink but that's about it.

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    Find yourself a good training program (I used to nab ones guys would list out in MD and then use it or modify it a bit) and then just keep trying to add more weight or reps to what you're doing. Make it a goal to add more each week. Invest in a journal and write everything down; that keeps you from doing the same weight each week and not advancing it or not adding more reps.

    As far as supplementation, warsteiner is right, you shouldn't need much. That being said, I wouldn't offer up any advice until I heard the same things he asked about (goals, as well as physical stats - age/height/weight/bf%/experience).
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  4. My goal is just to get bigger a bit and once i get bigger i guess i will work on definition. My work out is split up into 3 days, Tuesday i do chest and Triceps, Thursday i do back, Biceps and forearms, Saturday i do abs, shoulders and legs. I haven't gotten any supps yet.. just usin weights and determination. Thanks guys..

  5. Ok.. im using the plan like they say but im still not sore the next day. I have to be doing something wrong..

  6. Soreness is NOT an indicator of growth or positive adaptation: progression is. Are your weights improving every few workouts? If so, you are on the right track. If not, then maybe its time to rethink your program.

  7. Thanks.. that's what i was lookin for. I should be fine then..


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