Crossfit type routine (not pure crossfit)

  1. Crossfit type routine (not pure crossfit)

    So it's been awhile since I've posted anything on this forum, mostly because for the last few years I've only been training for muscular endurance, running, swimming, etc. Lately I've started lifting heavy again and doing a lot of crossfit. My workout buddies and I have been following Crossfit Football with more running thrown in however rather than regular crossfit. I haven't bought into the whole crossfit thing hook line and sinker however. There are a lot of things about the program I like, such as the emphasis on powerlifts and oly lifts, however I don't like the lack of accessory and traditional lifts. Also the high rep oly lifts are tearing up my joints. I want to develop a program for myself and my buddies that incorporates all these lifts, and crossfit style metcons, but also allows me to train for endurance as well. I was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction towards where I can read up on some traditional powerlifting and olympic lifting type programs that I can start to work in to my routine. My goal is to be relatively strong, while maintaining a good cardio base, i.e. I want to keep my ability to run 18:00 5ks and still be able to pull heavy weight. Getting big isn't my main focus, however if I can be big and maintain cardio that would be a plus. I'm not asking someone to build a workout plan for me, just point me in the right direction.

  2. I would look into 5/3/1 in conjunction with keeping cardio high. I did a modified 5/3/1 while at an army school for 6 months. I got stronger, lost weight, and when i left i was 193 @ about 7% bf dl'ing 480, benching 300, and squatting 400 while running a 13:02 2 mile. Lol if only I was in that kinda shape now!

  3. I workout at a Crossfit box in NYC (brooklyn). Crossfit football is amazing, but not offered at my gym. I do 5/3/1 and throw in prowler sprints, sled pull and cardio into the mix (a lot of HIIT/sprints). It's pretty freakin good, best routine I've ever done.

    My goals for next yr are 500 deadlift, 400+ squat, 300 bench, 225+ OH Press

    I'm currently d/l 400+, squating 300+, bench is just under 300 (these are 1RM's)

    The beauty of 5/3/1 is that strength will always go up, and you can always throw in some volume work into your assistance exercises if you want to maintain or gain size. There are multiple templates, powerlifting, hypertrophy, etc. I find it good to mix it up. Your crossfit people will be able to help you setup a good 5/3/1 routine, or go look for the books on eliteFTS. There's two of them.

  4. I reckon CrossFit Endurance is your answer mate, check out the CFE website and anything else you can read on Brian Mackenzie - I'm doing a CFE programme at the moment but as my focus is to run a marathon I'm doing a lot of Squats but pretty much CFE combines big lifts, CrossFit and then one or more sport specific variations, in my case running - also feel free to check out my log, the CFE journey starts on page 17 I think

    PHAT journey continues with an AI Piņata (more products than u can shake a stick at)

    Good luck bro, but after reading up on CFE if you think it's for you then there seems to be a lot of stuff out there to use

  5. Cross**** aside,

    What type of endurance do you want to maintain? If its 6 min mile pace for 3+ miles then the major focus on improving aerobic power.

    This means the majority of your running and interval work should be aerobic in nature: 800-1200m with a work to rest ratio of < 1:1.
    Running at a higher intensity for a slightly shorter distance 400-600 with a 1:2 work to rest ratio will help develop lactate threshold.

    Doing an excessive amount of complexes in the attempt to induce exertional rhabdomyolysis is not going to help. Injuring ones self as form breaks down while continuing to carry out high technique olympic lifts is not going to help.

    Using olympic lifts, strength lifts, and plyometrics in a well thought out program with the intensity, volume, and frequency all correctly prescribed will help. That is not crossfit.


  6. I agree with ZiR RED. Crossfit Endurance will not get you strong. Stronger than the average person sure...but not what you're looking for.

    I still stand that 5/3/1 with conditioning/endurance training on top of this is what you want. Crossfit is good for the average person looking to get pushed really hard without the dedication to follow their own structured program. It is also extremely great due to the ultra tight community and support that they give. It will make you athletic and somewhat well rounded, but if you know specifically what you want to train for then you should follow a structured program. There will be injuries in crossfit, and this is also why I will not get involved in the WOD's even though I train at their gym.


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