Boxing routine? What to do and how to fit it?

  1. Boxing routine? What to do and how to fit it?

    So I been boxing for 4 months now and layed off weights alittle more then usually... My question is Tuesday/Thursday I train with my trainer for boxing... Normal boxing style. So speed, endurance, power, etc...

    It's like jumprope, heavy bag, maze bag, double end bag, etc etc..

    My question is what can I do to get more muscle but not be slow keep my speed and endurance up? Maybe a Monday/w/f split? Or is that to much? What would you guys do? I'm thinking one day like heavy, one more cardio, ad one light weight?

    Maybe someone can write up a sample of what I could do.. Never been good at writing up routines usually just go and do chest or back or whatever I didn't do last time..

    Also I need to lose about 10lbs of fat but stay fairly strong.

    Diet is good to go.... My bmr is 1900 without exercise I'm about eating about 2200-2400 in a 40/40/20

  2. I've also been boxing. I currently do boxing and muay thai 4 days a week 4 hours each night. I also lift 3-5 days, sometimes overlapping.

    It helps keep what you have and make your body ripped.

    I Superset same muscle groups. For example day 1 is Upper chest, lower chest, shoulders, triceps and I do the last 5 sets of each to failure. Day 2 is Upper back, lower back, single arm rows, biceps, pullups, etc.

    To keep with speed, be sure to explode on the way up. You don't need to do 5 lbs 1,000 times. You can do a pretty moderate weight, just make sure you are exploding on the way up and be doing AT LEAST 8 reps. Shoot for 10-15.

    To lose weight and keep muscle, High intensity intervals...

  3. So something like this would be a good idea?

    Day 1 Bench, incline bench, flys, military press, shurgs, narrow press, pushdown.

    Day 2 Lat pull down, bent over row, pull ups, lawnmowers, straight curl....

    Since legs get plenty of work doing boxing and cardio...

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