My At Sea Deployment regimen Log. SEA WARRIOR WORKOUTS, and discussion. Go Navy!!

  1. Cool My At Sea Deployment regimen Log. SEA WARRIOR WORKOUTS, and discussion. Go Navy!!

    So, I have been at sea 2 months (plus) now.
    I have been in the Navy 15 years now. 36 years old. current weight somewhere around 225. You cant use a scale on a rocking ship.
    I am a Damage Controlman 1st class. in case anyone wants to know. I am an NPC bodybuilder. I will be logging my workouts for those wondering how to train on the ships to stay in shape. Can you get bigger on a Destroyer like I am on? Possibly, it depends on your schedule and how committed you are. Sometimes mail is slow, and you may run out of things, but I get food 4 times daily.

    Today, Sunday 26 June 2011
    Got up around 11am Holiday routine
    I ate a decent meal
    on watch now till 5pm I ate a banana and PB &J sandwhich while on watch
    DINNER is going to be a big meal and pre workout meal
    Chest tonight 1830, or 6:30 pm which will be DB press, push ups, pec deck flyes and dips. I will record numbers later.

    Energy is good today.
    Sleep was around 8 hours. I woke up twice.
    Stress is minimal
    Coffee was terrible.

    I am sampling a new supplement by ALLMAX nutrition today called RAZOR 8. It should be good stuff. I may not sleep much haha
    Everyday supps are: Now ADAM Multi, but will be switching to ORANGE TRIAD
    NP Brand CLA
    NP Brand GABA 3 GM
    Greens powder, but just ran out.
    Protein blend whey, casien, egg
    TT-33 as needed for thermogenic. I will use today.
    Anabolic Pump for high carb meals.
    I am waiting for my Fish oil, creatine, and more protein to come in the mail.

    I will be doing 45 minutes cardio following weights. It saves me laundry by doing it at one workout.
    More to follow.

  2. "Can you get bigger on a Destroyer like I am on?" Most absolutely! You can do anything if you're determined enough to find a way around all obstacles.

    Nothing wrong with doing post-weights cardio and only "one" training session - I actually prefer doing that as well

    All the best for your next competition!

    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  3. Thanks Rosie. Youre right. I am corrected. I have had many obstacles, and somehow managed to work thru them all. God has been a big help too.

    So tonight I have eaten my last meal of a chicken breast and watermelon.
    Now time for my vitamins, and 2 scoops of BCAAs. I will also have 3gm GABA before bed.
    I used the RAZOR 8 PWO today for the first time.
    The stim amount is too much for a pre workout for me, I got plenty of energy, and the thermogenic effect was evident during cardio, but I prefer more pump increasing ingredients. I also do a lot of evening workouts ,and this has me up at 130 am. Haha, its late. I have to be up at 0615.
    Oh well, nap time tomorrow if I can.
    Tomorrow is back day.

  4. I'm in the Navy too so I'll be following this log. I hate the food in the galley. It's so hard to keep proper nutrition on a ship. What ship are you on btw?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32 View Post
    Thanks Rosie. Youre right. I am corrected. I have had many obstacles, and somehow managed to work thru them all. God has been a big help too.
    Obstacles are just there to show us what we are made of, so that when we dig deeper inside, we find what we are truly capable of, to test our character and resolve, to see if we have what it takes to stand on our own and look adversity in the face and say, "Bring it on!", and sometimes, just sometimes, because we make mistakes and we need to learn a lesson. Whatever happens, if you're strong enough, believe in yourself, are prepared to work hard for what you want, steadfast in your convictions, and have firm faith, you can conquer ANYthing!

    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  6. I am on the USS Howard DDG 83. Thanks I will try not to disappoint you. I forgot to include I am also using a natural test booster called
    I take 2 caps daily.
    My greens powder is gone now.
    I had some scrambled eggs this morning with turkey sausage 3 links
    Now, In a couple hours I will have a can of tuna in olive oil.
    More to come....

  7. Monday night for me. I am halfway across the world though.
    Sleep lastnight. 4 hours. I am tired, but good.
    Today I ate clean and decent. 4 meals in.

    Energy....Decent, but could use some rest.

    Delts, trapz, abs
    1 Warm up, 3 work sets overhead DB press 1 forced set. 60x12, 80x12, 80x12, 100x 3 forced reps
    seated DB laterals 3 sets 16 reps
    cable rope crunches
    3 sets 15 reps
    2 sets crunches on ball.
    1 set DB curls 20 reps just cause.
    cardio on treadmill walking 3.5 up to 4.0 mph start incline at 5.0 increase to 15.0 down to 10.0 45 minutes.

    I have lost another inch in my waist since my bulk prior to deployment.
    In port tomorrow for a week or so. It will be nice to have some flat ground to train on.

    I had some pain in my wrist, and left hand, but nothing major.
    Post training I had 50 gm whey Iso, 1 svg peanut butter, 1 fuji apple, and 80 calories of dried fruit. Sounds good huh? It is.

    More to come. Leave it all on the field. .....

  8. keep it up. Much respect for you in protecting our country. I will be watching this log.

  9. Sorry for the break. I am in port Phillipines now, and had to get off this ship and get some R&R.

    I weighed in Tuesday at 224. I passed the Body fat
    and ate some cheesecake to reward myself.
    I had been training everyday to get ready for weigh ins, and my advancement results to come out. I am trying to get advanced to E-7.
    My supplements came in the mail. I received my weigh and blended protein.
    Nitro Core 10 by ON,
    CONTROLLED LABS Orange Triad
    Barleans Fish Oil
    OMEGA 3, 6, 9
    So I am ready to dominate the gym. I will workout tomorrow
    today is the last day of rest.

  10. Sat/Sun

    Training Good.
    Circuit of 100 lb. DB chest press 3 sets 8-12 reps
    DB side laterals 3 sets 12 reps
    Lat pull downs. Whole stack 12-16 reps. 3 sets.

    Not much but effective.
    Calories: Not enough
    Energy: Good.
    Sleep: Decent.

    Stress: not bad lately. will get worse soon.

    Sunday will be another day off, and Monday will be a training day with a heavier workout, and less cardio than I had been doing, or I will keep cardio going strong. I will just eat more calories than I had been eating due to weigh ins. I am still waiting for 2 packages. One has 30 cans of tuna, or chicken in it, and one has my Controlled labs stuff in it for my Log. Yes stay tuned for that. It will be awesome. More to come.

  11. Monday.

    I feel good today, but Very tired due to watch standing and emergency repairs.

    Training: Back, ABS and Biceps

    3 sets Behind the neck pull downs. whole stack 20 reps
    superset with preacher curls with EZ Bar with 25lb weights on it. 12-16 reps 3 sets

    rope crunches whole stack 12 reps 3 sets. Superset with DB Curls 45lb 12 reps, 45 lb 10 reps, 50 lb 12 reps

    Cable T bar rows whole stack 3 sets 12 reps, superset with standing ez bar curls 3 sets 12 reps

    20 minutes cardio on the treadmill incline up to 11% 4.1 MPH

    I had a really good sweat going today, and a great pump. Vascularity is coming in today nicely.
    I ate 3 meals today so far, and will have 3 more before bed. 2 shakes and one food meal to go.

    Sleep 2 hours lastnight, a nap coming up. watch 10pm -2am and then sleep till 8 am tomorrow.

    as far as training goes we have a tiny little closet, but it was all we needed today. we took the door off and now people can see us as they walk by. Kind of a motivator.

    Tomorrow is Legs. Its time to rest up.

  12. Tuesday.

    Sleep 7 hours. Excellent
    Energy. Decent, but still recovering from the last 2 exhausting work days.
    Stress, not too bad. Pretty low today

    Training: Legs, Triceps

    Superset straight led deadlifts with Rope pressdowns. 3 sets each 12-20 reps. moderate weight.
    Superset Bulgarian split squats(single leg) with Overhead DB french press 3 sets each 12 reps

    Superset weighted lunges with lying DB skull crushers.

    A short and very intense workout. I was shaking during part of it. Soaked with sweat too. I pour everything into each
    set. I dont have all that much weight to work with. I do have Dumbells up to 100 lbs, but no barbell. we have 2 ez bars.
    No smith machine. we have a barbell I can borrow and take outside that has up to 165 pounds available, but we were not allowed outside today. There is a lot of adjustments that have to be made at random times. I may work arms tonight after my watch.

    Diet. I have had 3 meals today. I am current on my vitamins today too. I will take my ANIMAL STORM tonight after arms. before and after.
    I was pumped today for sure, and really got the intensity going. More to come.

  13. Wednesday

    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

    : Enough. 4-5 hours

    Energy: Good. I am in a very good mood.

    Stress: moderate. A good day for out here.

    Training: Chest, Shoulder, Biceps

    3 sets of incline DB curls 12 reps 40 lbs
    3 sets of Incline DB Press 80x12 90x12, and 90x10 When the ship is rocking every other rep feels like a lot more.
    3 sets overhead DB press 65x12, 65x12, 60x12
    Superset decline push ups, with DB shrugs 100x12 3 sets
    Triple set side cable laterals with cable curls, with dips (bodyweight) 12 reps

    This was a good workout for out here. I did not do cardio, but will be playing sports tomorrow with a foreign navy for a few hours.
    I was very pumped, and vascular.

    I took ANIMAL STORM and USP LABS BCAA post workout with some extra glutamine.

    Diet: I put 4-5 meals down yesterday. Not too bad. I am very sore from leg day. It may not seem like much, but I dont often get the chance to train legs. The seas get so rough where we are during monsoon season its hard to find enough stability. we do not have any leg machines or leg press. I just do what i can. More to come.

  14. Thursday/ Friday

    Sleep. 7 Hours

    Energy. Good

    Stress. minimal. Just a lot of work to do in my shop coming up. I have a lot of responsibilities and equipment I am responsible for.

    Training: Back

    Pull ups 3 sets of 12 reps. 1 reverse grip 2 wide grip
    100LB DB rows 12 reps each set
    seated cable rows. whole stack 3 sets of 12-20 reps

    I had to leave after this.

    I am bulking again so calories are up. I cannot weigh myself at sea so I dont know if I have gained weight, but I will write about any size gains I can see. Friday I did not train, but we took on 34 pallets of stores and my arms were cramping after moving all those boxes so I did not train yesterday. Today is legs again. Hooyah

  15. Saturday/Sunday

    7 hours very nice.

    Energy: Good.

    Stress: Low today.

    Training: Legs
    Squats 4 sets 135x20, 135x20, 135x12, 135x12. Its all the weight I had to use.
    Lunges 3 sets up the focsle 20 paces total each set with a 5 gallon canister of fluid above my head.
    3 sets box jumps 12 reps each set
    3 sets straight leg deads 12 reps each

    Its not much compared to being in the home gym, but it keeps me going.
    I love the CONTROLLED LABS ORANGE TRIAD vitamins,
    I also have increased my EFA intake.
    I could have used more calorie intake sunday due to sleeping in.
    Food is always going to be an issue, but I am constantly working toward getting enough calories each day. Our schedule is fluid out here and things change all the time. I have a different watch everyday and Constantly have to adjust. It keeps me on my toes and helps keep me thinking of how i can do things better. More to come

  16. Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues.
    Sleep: The last few days has only been a few hours at a time.

    Energy: Not the best. Enhanced with Caffiene

    Stress: Not too bad.

    Training: Is going well. I have done Chest, back, trapz, arms, and shoulders the last few days. The anabolic minds web site is not working for me so I e mailed my wife and asked her to post this for me. I am eating more, and a bit more smooth, but the strength and mass is starting to come back. I am so tired lately, but I am still tearing up the weights.
    I will post the routines again once the website works for me again.

    Ok I did it for you you


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