hype about pump?

  1. hype about pump?

    Hey guys, this may be a stupid question but it's bugging me. Wtf is this hype I hear about great pump this and great pump that. I see getting pumped up as a bad thing when I'm lifting, lactic acid buildup that makes you swell up and isn't permant. Seems to hinder my gains due to to fact that I am not able to lift as much as prepump compared to super pumped. What am I missing?

  2. The pump is not due to lactic acid buildup.
    Its due to an increase in capillary recruitment and increased filtration of plasma volume (water) into the space between muscle cells. With it, there is a decrease in absorption, so you may actually experience an increase in waste product build up in the muscle.

    You are right that it is mostly hype and that the pump doesn't necessarily correlate to increases in size or strength. Although, training techniques that limit nutrient delivery and waste product removal (kaatsu training) have been shown to result in hypertrophy....

    Either way, training for a pump is ego driven IMO.


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