Squatting / Leg day shoes

  1. Squatting / Leg day shoes

    Do you have a preference of sneakers/shoes for leg days? EliteFTS suggests the old school Converse Chuck Taylors, saying they’re built with a flat bottom and strong canvas sides. Most other tennis shoes will cause your foot to move around too much or you’ll push out over the side of the shoes.


  2. i did what EliteFTS says.

  3. i use converses or if i forget them, i go barefoot/socks
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  4. When I competed in powerlifting, I trained and competed in wrestling shoes. Now I just use the flatest sole cross trainer I can find.

  5. I use Feiyue martial arts shoes. It's hard to beat a canvas top small soul shoe that you can buy for around $16.
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  6. Socks ftw

  7. Vibram Five Fingers. Best shoe for leg lifts / running. Essentially you're barefoot, while having the grip of a shoe. Great concept. Won best invention of 2007...if I recall the year correctly.


  8. I just picked up some Puma Indoor Trainers on sale right now for $38 (from Puma).... flat and perfect for lifting!
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  9. Right now I'm using inov8 f-lite 230's, love them...but I'm prolly also picking up a pair of do-wins
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    Whether you're doing squats or deadlifting, you should just get used to the Chuck's regardless. They're inexpensive & effective so no one has a valid reason to not lift with them. Leave the Shox at home.

    If you work out at home, try training with just socks (in case you need to deadlift). Started doing it recently and I'm never going back.

  11. Chucks. Cheap, comfortable, and easily transportable. They slide into my backpack no problem (or sometimes I even wear them as they're the stylish all-black kind for those that are into the intimidating-attire).

  12. I will mention that if you like to do heavy calf work (which many do with poor form anyways), it was an issue for me adjusting to the pressure on the ball of my foot in that shoewear.

  13. I love the inov8 f-lite 230's because they have such a flat bottom, but are such an amazing minimalist running shoe too, and feels like nothing's on. And the grip is great. Chucks are awesome, but then I would need multiple pairs of shoes when I go to the gym. There's no grip on Chucks, I wouldn't be able to use the prowler at all..would be sliding all over the place at heavy weights.

  14. Chucks or old school vans work very well for lower body training.

  15. Everyone needs at least one pair of Chuck's lying around.

  16. Chucks it is


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