Weekly Routine

  1. Weekly Routine

    Hey, im new to these forums and I am doing research because I am starting my first cycle. I am taking test cypionate 300. I was wondering if I could hit the same muscle groups more than once a week while I am on cycle. My current split is

    cardio abs forearms
    sat sunday- touch up cardio/rest

    however I would like to start going to the gym 6 days a week and possibly doing something like this

    chest tris
    back bis
    shoulders traps
    chest tris
    back bis

    and possibly flux between adding shoulders and traps additionally instead of one of chest or back depending on how my body responds.

    My cycle since I am starting is .5cc 2x a week until the first bottle is out, then i was going to go to .75cc 2x for 2 weeks, 1cc 2x for 2 weeks, and then come back down.
    i have HCG for post as well as clomid.

    any suggestions tips etc. would be appreciated.

    oh yeah and ive been weight lifting for about 3 years with a few breaks intermittently for injury. i run about 18 percent bodyfat.

  2. 2nd one looks close to what I've been trying to get arranged for my workout except throwing shoulders in with legs. Trying to hit each body part twice every 5 days after reading it as a recommendation by zir red in another thread. Subbed to see what responses come about.

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