Need advice on new routine - Strength/Hypertrophy/Recomp M/W/F

  1. 5/3/1 with hypertrophy focused accessory movements

    Looking for some good advice on a new program.

    So I'm in slight deload mode now while I put together a new routine.

    I can only train Monday Wednesday Friday, and only have access to barbells, kettlebells, dumbells, chains / bands, prowler - no machines, etc, strictly old school gym... that's how I like to train.

    Trying to keep things geared 50/50 on strength and hypertrophy, but also aiming to recomp (but recomping is mainly in the diet - I've started a CKD this week and upped intensity a lot).

    How would 5/3/1 or Texas Method fare? Or should I just go for 5x5? Any other programs that would be good worked into a M/W/F schedule? I would also like to hit chest twice per week if possible.

  2. any routine can be broken down into 3 day a week, so it doesnt matter much.

    if you wanna do 5/3/1, there a body building version with lotta extra assistance work for hypertrophy
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. Cool thanks, I'll check it out. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get in enough assistance work with only 3 days per week and 1 day off between days.

  4. I vote 5/3/1 3 day split, whichever assistence template fits your needs. Also the 5/3/1 for powerlifting is very good too if you want heavy singles and more ideas for assistence layouts, hypertrophy layouts, strenght layouts, and conditioning layouts.

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