I am doing a cycle of Pheraplex, I'm in the second week with no results. I'm worried this may be attributed to improper training. I am eating tons of food (probably about 5k calories/day), getting lots of rest. HOWEVER, the workout I'm on I think may be the problem. It is the "Stripped Down Hypertrophy" workout from t-nation.com

Can somebody tell me if maybe this workout is the problem? It promises big muscle gains by doing the same 6 exercises every day but alternating 5 x 5 and 4 x 10. I know, sounds crazy to do any exercise everyday 4-5 days a week, but supposedly it has good reviews. I think maybe my body is not used to this, though, In the past while I've done more low rep, low volume stuff like Bigger Faster Stronger and a couple powerlifting workouts. The highest volume thing I ever did was Arnold's Encyclopedia of Modern BBuilding Level 1 Workout but even with its high volume, you're not doing the same exercise EVERY day.

What do you think? Switch workouts? Maybe the pheraplex is just not working for me, maybe I need a higher dose? Maybe stack it with something else like 1-t or tren? I just started 20 mg yesterday. Maybe go ahead and bump it up to 30?