What the hell am I doing?

  1. What the hell am I doing?

    Hey guys how yall doin. First of all I recently gained a little bit of fat from my last bulk ( mid section and a little on lower back). I did zero cardio and ended up putting on a lot of weight due to I just came off of season from basketball and I was very skinny 198lbs.

    Now my workout routine is a 5 day split and i usually go 6-8 reps, 3 sets per workout probably 6-8 different workouts per lifting session. Would switching up my rep range to 10-12 benefit me in any ways? If so how? I'm going to start doing alot of cardio ( running, elyptical ect). Was thinking maybe i should switch from the heavy weights to dropping the weight and upping the reps. My current stats are 220 6'3 and again not sure on my body fat but i can post pics.

    I would just like to get in my head as to what the hell am i doing to reach my goals of getting rid of some fat that i have accumulated and the advantages to adding repetitions. So I think i want a recomp lol.

    If i sound flipping confused im sorry lol.

    also how in the heck do i upload pics? edit: nvm need higher post count.
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  2. nobody? cmon guys. my goals are purely hypertrophy. and i just read that high volume is the key? and fully body workouts instead of my 5 day split?

  3. In my personal opininon and experience losing body fat is 70-75% diet.I dont think it would matter too much what rep range you use if your goal is to lose bf as long as it doesnt go over 15 reps per set.First i would get my diet in check and figure out a diet plan you can stick with and works best for your body.Personally i get my best results with carb cycling.

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