**** genes

  1. **** genes

    May 2011


    Current weight 190lbs and 12.5%BF

    Those are the most recent pics I have. Just started my cutting phase last week so want to drop some fat and get ripped for the summer, just like everyone else. Reason I say **** genes is because I have short biceps. So my arms have always looked small. Just doesn't fill in without the bicep. I just got back into squatting and deadlifting again, I didn't do them for about 4months due to a pinched nerve. But back into it now so looking to make some massive gains. I deadlifted 365 at 172lbs so ill be dammed if it wont be able to do it at 190lbs. Another issue I have is my size. Being at 190 I sure as hell don't look like it. People that dont know me estimate me around 170ish. Which really bums me out considering how much work and effort I put it. The guy I train with is 197lbs and looks like there would be a 40lb difference. He def can pull of being 197 unlike me. One good thing about that is people underestimate my strength considering my size. I have tried everything, obviously even gaining weight and didn't gain as much size as I hoped. I would personally say that for ME to look big I would nee to be at least 230lbs. Its like i gained all this weight and don't know where it went. Genetics are a B* defiantly going against me but I will keep moving and building. I know some of this has to do with muscle maturity, but is there anything else I can do to change that? Besides time of coarse.
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  2. how big you "look" will depend greatly on where you carry the weight. Large shoulders, traps, and back will have you looking larger. I am often underestimated in weight, but over the past year, I've dropped some fat, and gained some LBM. Overall I'm only 10lbs heavier than I was 2-3 years ago, but I look my weight now. Even though I have technically less volume (fat is more spacious than LBM). What gave me good upper back and traps were heavy deads and heavy shrugs (315+ for reps). My bench sucks, barely pushing 195, but my squat and DL numbers are 295 and 335 at 5 reps each (last work set of a 5x5 routine).

  3. I'm the same as you. I'm 5'10" and really struggle to stay around 195-200lbs. I seriously eat about 6000 cals per day otherwise I'll dip to 180-185~ish. I'm a former powerlifter so my strength is way beyond my size (BP 385, DL 485, SQ 475 but going for a 500+ RAW PR tonight) so I feel you. Nobody believes how strong I am until they workout with me. I'd love to be able to get up to 210-215~ish but I don't see it happening anytime soon, even with the assistance of hormones. But like stated above, if you pack on size around the trap and shoulder area, it'll do wonders to fill out shirts. Keep squatting and deadlifting heavy bro, and the size will slowly but surely pack on. And don't forget to eat a surplus every day.

  4. I have much of the same problems as you man! but at least you are at the 190 pounds that you are now. After 3 years of hard training I have only moved from 130-165 pounds on a good day. If I stop my eating even for a day, I loose about 5 pounds. So god damn frustrating. I won't even post pictures of myself on this website, wayy too embarrassing.

  5. Thanks guys, I still have plenty of work to match my strength to my weight. But so far im pretty happy with my strength. Obviously would want more, who wouldn't? I started cutting now. Im alternating 6 smaller meals on some days and some with 5 a tad bigger than on 6 days. Mixed with cardio 3x a week.

  6. Lol, agreed, f*** genetics.
    And nice work btw .

  7. I agree with the other guys who have said that it makes a HUGE difference where you carry the weight. Really work on your shoulder and chest development, and it'll make a night and day difference. It's all about proportions, and if you can have wide shoulders and a very narrow waist, you'll look much bigger than you actually are.

  8. I really need to focus on my traps, kinda neglected them and a bit undersized now. Whats else can I do besides shrugs to isolate?

  9. Heavy deads are hands down the best excercise for trap development.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kanakafarian View Post
    Heavy deads are hands down the best excercise for trap development.
    ^^ x2 Follows in line with what I said above too. Heavy deads, to the point where your grip fails. Once I can't do more than 2 sets without grip failing, I put on my straps, throw on some more weight, and do some more reps! Jsut make sure you don't let the straps become a handicap. Chalk and no straps for as long as you can go. I usually pause for a moment at the top of the lift before lowering the weight again. shoulder blades back and back in a neutral position the entire time. Follow that with some heavy shrugs (5RM), and rack pulls.

    Your traps will explode, and you'll be able to shrug 2x BW in no time.

  11. Looking good bro. nice wide lats. Just keep getting stronger and dont let it get you down. I know how you feel as im 6'2 with a wide frame and joints on the larger size. I'm the only 210+ guy who looks 180 lol people are always shocked when i tell them my weight. Just means we need to push harder and longer but we will just look that much more amazing when we hit our size. Gotta love being ffrickin massive


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