I have been cutting on hst, results have been great-down from 197 to 177 squat is 365 below paralled with pause no wraps or belt, bench is 325 with the whole set at 4 sec, deadlift, N/A-only want width not thickness, I do barbell rows instead.
This is actually slightly stronger that I was at 197

I attribute this to inserting the wieder principles of training into hst-muscle priority etc

So, I have tried, dc-got bigger but joints were trashed and generally did not enjoy training, HCT12-on h drol so hard to say, german volume-hated it, I liked FST7 have done it the least.

So opinions I have done hst for 14 weeks, its getting a little boring and I want to change it up. Goals to maintain strength and muscle at maintenance cals. Been interested in mike menters HIT but 4 days between training sessions sounds like to much but maybe it would be more muscle preserving.

I think fst7 would be better on bulk the extra cals would be good with all that volume for keepinf fat moderate

opinions-?? how about max ot?