calf deficient

  1. calf deficient

    any suggestions on calf routines for stubborn small calves i have long legs so my legs and calves are extremely hard to gain, how many days per week? how many sets? weight?etc. any advice would be help!

  2. High reps worked for me,.. also focusing on the stretch at the bottom seemed to elongate my calves. Could be a jedi mind trick, but whatever.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  3. I agree, stretch at the bottom and full contraction held at the top. I usually pyramid up in weight and will do long holds at peak contraction until my heaviest set and then use a short hold at the top of the movement. (heaviest sets will be for about 5-6 strict reps) I happen to have good genetics for calves so I train them once per week. I think for people with stubborn calves a progressive overload may be useful by doing them twice per week -- alternating between heavy days with big squeezes at the top, then next time doing higher volume with lighter weight and going for a full burn at around 12-20 reps.

  4. thanks for the advice will try to do more of a stretch at bottom and heavier weight i was doi ng more reps 15-20 without the stretch great advice

  5. I should be more specific,. but for me the high reps were as high as 50!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!



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