I need more flexibility and less size.

  1. I need more flexibility and less size.

    As I am getting older, 32 now, I realize my body is in need of more flexibility and less muscle size(bulk). I play softball once a week and I just feel that I am loosing speed and flexibility more and more each year. What would be a great stretching program to do and when. I think it's time to stop trying to lift for size and work on flexibility.

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    From what I've heard (I've still yet to try it, but plan on incorporating it, soon), DC stretching is great. Toss that in with some basic yoga (again, something I've yet to try) and you should be working on that flexibility.

    Aside from that, I'd work with just a more body-building (4x12ish) style of training. You could always incorporate more full-body days and more bodyweight exercises, too.
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  3. Couple of things..

    First, lets separate flexibility and mobility. What you want is mobility - the ability to move better, for your joints to go through a larger dynamic rom, and for your muscles to be balances and function well together.

    Flexibility, on the other hand, is just one of the types of training that will help you increase your mobility.

    First thing to do is to analyze for over active and under-active muscles, and ROM deficits. Once we've done that, we can next prescribe exercises to strengthen/activate the weak and lengthen the over active.

    In addition, you can start adding in mobility drills and exercises that are more athletic specific. For simple starter mobility, I suggest checking out DeFranco's dynamic warm ups.


  4. One of my favorite DVDs is magnificent mobility. A lot of good exercises in there.

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