Protruding muscle in calf????

  1. Protruding muscle in calf????

    K real quick. During squats or leg press I notice in my left outer calf that a nickel size protrusion pops out when applying weight. It's hard and doesn't hurt to touch, and goes immediately away when I'm not lifting any weight. Just weird. Anyone know what it is.

  2. No, that sounds weird. I would see a doctor about that, never heard of anything like that before.

  3. Aliens... those bastards always try to put stuff in us

  4. I have the same thing and have seen it on at least one other person lately ie)my trainer who is jacked. Ours both protrude with the slightest amount of weight on that leg. I was told probably about 10 years ago or so that its a vericose vein. I also have similar bulges in my arms which I personally believe to be the valves in my viens.

    None of mine hurt, not even to touch, but Ive had the one on my outer calf for over 13yrs and have never had a problem with it. Only thing I know for sure is that the leaner I get the more pronounced the lump becomes.

    Hope that gives you some peace of mind.

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