need a personal trainer/nutritionist

  1. need a personal trainer/nutritionist

    I've been training hard 6 days a week 2x a day usally not to hard on sat mornings.
    Awyway i can't get my training and mostly my diet/meals right.
    im staying in the 10-10.5%bf range but losing weight(muscle)at times.

    Im 33 and 181lb as of today 10.5%last week 182 10.0%
    Im into kickboxing and i did make good gains some weeks losing fat and building muscle together only 2x but i did it.
    I'd like a training routine for morning and a lifting plan for evening and conditioning for off days or post lifting ect..

    The main thing i need is a good solid meal plan for all the high int. training i like doing.
    I have own gym dumbells(adjustable)smith machine all attachments 850lb olympic weights training stuff(heavy-bag,med-ball(12lb)res.bands,stabilty ball ect.(took awhile to round all up)
    Goal is to become stronger stay lean get leaner here and there and have good endurance.

    I live in the country area of pa(Gettysburg,Harrisburg area)nothing around for good help.

    Im starting to recover this week from all the training and only going to do some cross training this week mybe next.
    Please help me out im tried worn out and pissed that i trained my butt off this week hardest ever and gained fat!Lost muscle!
    As for diet imeating the same thing more or less but cals never go over 3000 which i know now was to low.

  2. I have used shelby starnes for about a year I love him

  3. Are you looking for something one on one, or a consultant to set up nutrition and training programs for you? I can help with the latter.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by Steelwolf View Post
    I have used shelby starnes for about a year I love him
    Shelby Starnes is definitely good at what he does. Very affordable too.

  5. Main thing i don't want to try and be a b/b again.
    Im enjoying the conditioning that i've been doing(prowler,sled drags,hill-sprints,ect)thinking working out like a b/b will slow all this and hinder muscle growth.
    I like training in morning and night with weights being in night(eve)
    So mainly looking for someone with knowledge for this type of routine with mainly the diet end of it.

    Wanting to have someone to actually see me in person so they know what they are working with and who is teaching me.

    As for consulting i do have records of everything from heart rates,cals burned during training,lb lifted trouble sets/reps,body lb/%measurements,everything i eat,the list goes on.
    I don't care how its done if it works.Lean me out build me stronger!



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