5x5 stalling.

  1. 5x5 stalling.

    I've been doing SL's 5x5 for 4 1/2 weeks now and am seeing great strength improvements. However I seem to have stalled. I'm up to 305 in squat and have been stuck for 4 workouts.

    First day I got to 305 I was able to do the 3x5 easily, the next workout I tried to go 310 but was unable to do even put up two solid reps, I lowered down to 305/295 and could only do 5 reps of each. Next workout, easily did the 305.

    I really don't understand what's going on, if anyone has any ideas on how to get past this I'd love to hear your opinions.

  2. Have you deloaded in the past 4-6 weeks?
    If not, take a deload week.

    If so, then you may be need to re-evaluate why you are stalling. Perhaps you need to increase the reps for hypertrophy, or decrease the reps and focus on power and neural adaptations. Then, come back 4-8 weeks after those two phases, and apply those adaptations to 5x5.


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