p90x log to keep me going

  1. p90x log to keep me going

    I know im real late on it but I just started it today. I was SHOCKED to see how hard it was. I watched it and thought to myself "thats not so bad", put it in and started it and was about to die. Im going to keep a log on here to keep my motivation up through the whole program.

    Im about 190 lbs now and not cut but not really pudgy, kinda inbetween. Im expecting to be pretty cut after this.

    Day one- chest and back. Just starting out I realized I didnt eat enough before hand. Got fatigued pretty quick but made it through the whole chest and bis, but not the ab ripper x. Very disapointed with my numbers on the workouts but in the same sense excited to see the progression. Through the different variations of pushups my reps ranged anywhere from 20-8. Pull ups and chin ups anywhere from 5-10.

  2. Good Luck! very interested in following
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  3. Did the ab ripper x today after work. Didnt get all the reps but did get about 15-20 of the 25 in all the workouts so not to bad. They have a lot of different ab workouts that you usually dont see. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be and I dont think it will be long before I can keep up with the dvd. And thanks for following Mrodz, looking forward to logging it. Planning on taking some before pictures tomorrow so I can tell how good this program works.

  4. Before pix are always a good idea.
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  5. Did day 2, plyometrics today. Was fun and actually enjoyed doing the workout. Tried to keep up with the dvd for as much as I could but was pretty gassed by the second half and had to slow down. And these are the before pics, will take some at the end of each phase.

  6. heres the before pics
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  7. Nice back bro and abs are starting to come in

    Keep up the good work

  8. Thanks Colbert.

    Did the shoulders and arms workout today. Did pretty good at keeping up with the dvd. Definaltly a lot easier than the chest and back workout. Did 20s for the curls and 45 for shoulder presses. Going to raise the weights next time and keep going up every time. Really want to get my arms bigger during this workout so im going to try to go heavy.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Colbert View Post
    Nice back bro and abs are starting to come in

    Keep up the good work
    I agree, u should see a lot of change pretty quick. Got a great base to work on. Lookin good.
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  10. Ended up working all day yesterday and did not have time to do the 1.5 hr yoga x workout. I will attempt to make it up today after work but dont know if I will have the time. Today I did the legs and back workout and did pretty well. I did one more pullup and chinup than i did in the monday back workout. The legs was pretty rough because ive never done light weight high rep squats so I wasnt used to doing that many reps. Got through it pretty well and kept up with the dvd on most workouts though. Did the ab ripper x today too and was worse than before. legs were to sore to keep off the ground that much and only got about 15 reps in each workout.

  11. Keep up the good work, its no secret, Im a fan of the p90x dvds.
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  12. Well I picked up a side project painting a motorcycle that had me to busy to do anything last week other than that and work. Im going to start over at week 1 starting monday.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by JComp View Post
    Well I picked up a side project painting a motorcycle that had me to busy to do anything last week other than that and work. Im going to start over at week 1 starting monday.
    It happens to everybody, just get back onto the program, sometimes life (work/job/family/friends) get in the way but ya gotta make the time.
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  14. Sorry I havent posted in a while. Laptop problems and its way to difficult to post from my phone. Still been doing the workouts and been getting better and easier each week. Been adding weight or reps to every workout and not feeling so beat after the workouts. Push ups are becoming easy and chinups are getting their, still not where I want to be with either yet though. I dont have a chin up bar because it wont fit in any of my door ways so I have to improvise and use a the lip on my attic, makes chinups harder but atleast its something.


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