Fatigue and sets

  1. Fatigue and sets

    Im wondering when i get done lifting i've been taking alot of sets to complete failure.
    That would this cause fatigue after my lifting is over with(like evening and next morning do to cns??

  2. Yes, failure sets, especially larger movement failure sets, place a large strain on the CNS.

    There's a couple simple tactics you may want to consider:

    Volume and intensity are inversely related. As intensity increases volume should decrease, and vice versa.

    Never perform 2 CNS workouts 2 days in row. Separate your CNS work by at least 1-2 days of rest or metabolic work.

    Day 1: CNS work - heavy lifting, plyometrics, sprinting, etc.
    Day 2: Metabolic - Non- sprint conditioning, general prep work, etc.
    Day 3: Rest
    Day 4: CNS work


  3. Thanks,I try and figure something out.I've been doing this for along time.
    I always try to lift more weight every week and think i hold off for two weeks.

    I do a 4/8 of say squats and usally always have to force last one on 1st set and do it for the next 3 sets.
    Been doing this actually on everything.
    On top of hiit post and intense morning training.
    Morning is just bag and some conditioning like push-ups and abs.but alot more.

  4. There are very, very few sets that I take to absolute failure. On critical lifts, I'll do my first 2-3 sets normally and then go all out the last set, but that is, at the most, a total of 4 sets per session. The main lifts I take to full failure are DB presses and DB rows. Everything else is cut off a rep or two short of total failure.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. I've been working on it.My new routine has alot of a set style of 10,10,8,8 more or less drop sets i add alittle weight each time.
    Only taking around 45-60sec rest.Enough to catch breath and add weight.Sometimes longer if got to go to bathroom.
    So when i start to struggle on rep should i drop weight and finish reps or start next set with lighter weight??

  6. I end my non-olympic/explosive lifts when technique starts to break down, whether: shoulders start to come apart to complete a bench press rep, back rounds during rows, need to over-arch my lower back to complete an overhead press, etc.

  7. Did that today.Starting to get good at finding right weight.
    does rest/pause tax cns to much?Say i fail on rep 7 of 8 or 10 and rest 15sec and finish out.
    I felt alot better post lifting hiit hill sprints were alittle rough so was morning conditioning but got though it with not to much post fatigue.

  8. I rarely if ever go to failure except on my conditioning stuff, but that is more conditioning and not regular style lifting.


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