I recently moved into a new apartment and my old Weider Pro 208 just takes up too much room. Iím willing to trade the ability to bench with a barbell for extra space, so am looking for a bench that I could push against the wall when it's not in use. I need to be able to do flat dumbbell presses on it, and would prefer something that can decline (for abs) and incline as well.

I probably wouldnít want to spend much more than $70 or so - the cheaper the better (as long as it meets my criteria and wonít fall apart on me). I weigh about 170 and am not especially strong so anything that can support around 300lbs should be fine.

Iím not freakishly tall at 6í, but some of the reviews Iíve read on various products have me concerned that whatever I get might be too short to comfortably perform flat bench presses. Iíll post links to some of the options Iíve looked at so far. Feedback from people who have experience with these Ė or suggestions for other benches Ė would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: products from Walmart.com are preferable since they have free site to store shipping and easy returns if I end up not liking it.

Thanks a lot of any help!

Ok I can't post links, but here are the names from Walmart's website:
- Gold's Gym Utility Bench ($47)
- CAP Strength FID Bench ($48.54)
- Weider Pro 230 Slant Board ($57)