Critique my routine

  1. Critique my routine

    1st post...Hows everybody doin? Anyway heres my routine, if someone has any advice like what to add, what to get rid of, add more volume, less volume, please let me know, I'm open to constructive criticism, and I appreciate the help.

    flat bench: 3x10,6,4
    incline db: 3x12,10,8
    decline fly: 3x8,6,4
    db skullcrusher: 3x6,6,4
    close grip bench: 3x8,6,4

    weighted pullups: 3x5,4,3
    bent over row: 3x10,9,8
    boflex lat pulldown: 3x20,20,20
    barbell curl: 3x10,9,8
    db hammer curl:3x12,10,10


    arnold press: 3x8,6,4
    reverse fly: 4x12,12,10,8
    standing military: 3x8,7,6
    db shrug: 4x10,10,10,10 superset with lat raises 3x6,6,6
    behind back wrist curl: 4x10,8,7,6

    squat or deadlift: (alternate each time) 4x10,10,8,6
    leg ext: 3x12,12,10
    leg curl: 3x12,10,10
    standing calf raise: 3x12,12,12


    Repeat ^^^

    Those are general rep ranges but they vary from workout to workout based on how much weight i am using, I am going for overall mass and strength, I also use rest pause techniques and drop sets on occasion. I am very limited on equipment as well (somehow theres a ****ing bowflex machine here though haha). My diet is 4 meals a day plus 2 weight gainer shakes and is basically whatever they have at the chow hall (im in afghanistan), however i keep my diet as calorie dense and clean as possible. Thanks for all the help guys.

  2. Wow i guess my routine is flawless

  3. Too much arm work
    Not enough leg work
    Not enough pulling (back work)
    Lacks core work
    Lack fixator/stabilizer work
    Lack rotator cuff work
    No need for forearm exercises

  4. appreciate the response. i forgot to mention i have seperate core work i run 2x a week, so would you say do squats and deads every leg day maybe? I know back work is where Im lacking, perhaps i will add db rows, what is some rotator cuff work you recommend? should i just add that into shoulder day or do it on a separate day?

  5. Add some lunges and RDL's into lower body day.

    Do external rotations for the RC. Do them 2 times a week.

    Drop some of your pushing work and add in various forms of rows.

  6. Added 2 sets of RDL and db lunges superset on legs today. adding 2 sets of external rotations on chest day and shoulder day, adding 2 sets underhand barbell row on incline bench, dropping 1 set of chest flys, dropping 1 set of barbell curl, dropping 1 set hammer curl. appreciate the advice

  7. Any time.

    For the rows, use an overhand grip, or add in some wide grip over hand rows.

    Underhand you get great lat work, similar to a dumbbell row, but over hand with a wider grip is what will work the middle traps/rhomboids and retract the scapula.



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