Lifting and conditioning for kickboxing?

  1. Lifting and conditioning for kickboxing?

    I'd like some advice on how to set uo a diet and lifting plan with conditioning on kickboxing routine.
    I've been doing morning bag traing for 45min. with 3/4scoop of whey followed by breakfast.
    Lifting in eve 5days hitting parts 2x except legs 1x my chest,shoulders are getting weaker to a point on mon(morning Training?)but back is getting huge no big problems with tri's,bi's or legs.

    Thought about full-body mon,wed,fri with morning ab's+light cardio and off days except sun doing morning cardio(conditioning,hiit?)and eve training with bag for 1 1/2-2hr.Im an idiot so any help would be good.

  2. Here is the thing. Train your skill then worry about adding in the extra workouts. Drilling my technique for Hung Gar is number my weights are number 2. Conditioning for kick boxing combat is important because its more sport style and you have to list with hung gar we are are quick and done. We do have matches but they are very fast paced and quick. I wish I knew of a video of good stuff but 99.9% of youtube stuff on Ving Tsung and hung gar is BS. Train your conditioning train your technique and make strength a secondary priority. Your classes are going to cover a lot of your technique but be sure to still drill it at least once a day. They should also heavily cover conditioning. I would honestly only lift twice a week to start and focus on movement patterns. Not on body parts.

  3. Steelworld made some great points.

    Your weight training should be done to improve performance (if that is your goal).
    Improving core strength/endurance and power (as well as injury prevention) would be your main objectives with resistance training.

    What will be difficult will be finding a balance between all the work. I HIGHLY suggest you slowly ease your way into 10-12 total training sessions per week, otherwise you are going to burn out and over train fast.

    Another consideration will be if/when you compete, periodization and peaking for the fight.

    If you pm me I can email you a program I set up for a national judo competitor to take a look at it.


  4. I started trying these moves (like a burbee)
    What you do is lay on back swing legs over head rock foward jump on feet and right into a push-up (burbee)and repeat.
    Can only weasel a few out now.

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