shoulder injury?????

  1. shoulder injury?????

    hey fellas,
    i've been following am for a while i just don't really post or anything. Anyway, my question is, i have had a problem for the last few months with my shoulder when i do flat bench dumbell presses. the problem is during the negative portion of the rep, i just dont seem to have any stability in the shoulder and it really holds back how much weight i can throw up. I dont really have any pain with it, and i dont have any pain when doing inclines or shoulder presses, its just during flat bench. I am actually throwing up more weight on the incline than i do on flat. I used to be able to handle heavier dumbells with ease, and when i press now my left side is still pressing easily, while i'm struggling to keep the other stabilized. Can anyone identify this injury or has anyone had anything similar. I feel as if its going to be a persistent problem i'll just fore go flat bench and stick to incline. Any advice would be much appreciated...

  2. No pain? Hmmm. I'll give you my thoughts, but there much more knowledgable guys on here. My first question is how far are you going on the negative stop point. You should not pass the point where your upper arms are parallel to the floor. If that is not the case, maybe you should bring your elbows in slightly to take some pressure off your shoulders ( this also transfers weight from the pecs to the triceps) good luck & don't cling your weights at the top of your rep.

  3. no clinging, haha and i do keep my shoulders in and tight as this helps with stability. There is some pain, but its nothing that i cant deal with, and its only when at awkward positions. I guess the problem arises because i keep the weight in so tight that i dont feel it in my chest as much as i should. Whenever i drift out a little wider, thats when the instability happens. It just doesn't feel as if its effective anymore due to the lighter weights, and the tight form. Also, on another note, the positive portion of my reps always goes a lot smoother and feels better. I guess I'm just trying to identify what the injury may be, and if it can be rehabilitated, or if i'll have to work around it for the time being.

  4. How much weight are you pushing? What do your sets looks like? (quanity weight & reps)

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