Recovering From an ankle injury I need a good mass building leg workout.

  1. Question Recovering From an ankle injury I need a good mass building leg workout.

    I have recently recovered from a bronken ankle and I am looking for a good routine that would just help me build some leg mass in about 2-3 months. Any advice is welcome

  2. every couple of weeks I throw in a set of high rep squats, with whatever weight I usually do for my warmup or my first set (usually 135-150lbs) and do 60 reps straight. I cant walk for the next few days, but my legs blew up as soon as I incorporated those, its kinda like a gvt shock thing.

  3. Ok cool I will definately try that out. Last week was my first week back doing legs and I wasnt able to do alot because I obviously wasnt able to to much of anything with my legs during that time. I am really looking forward to hitting them hard for the next few months because I love how you can notice the most gains in the first few months of training a body part.

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