1. NEED HELP!!!

    Sup gentlemen!? K, I need your help big time with a workout routine. I have been out of the gym for a couple months now. Was going here and there if I had found some time, but was working nightshift 12 hours so that's what was stopping me. I F'n can't tell you how much I hate nightshift, but I digress. I'm lifting no where near what I had used to. Is there any routines you guys could help me with to get back where I was once at.
    For instance chest I was hitting 275lb. on BB(6x's) on my final set, but now I'm struggling with three sets of 185lb. on BB(8x's) and 70lb. on DB(8x's). Basically everything I've trained for before was shot to ****. I lost my size and strength dramatically. Now I'm at 207 with chewed bubblegum on my belly.
    So any routines you guys could give to get me back there as quick as possible would be greatly appreciated. The reason being is that I had finally gotten called back for the C.O.'s(Correctional Officer's) job and scheduled an interview with me next month for their S.R.T spot. Which I know they'll put me through their own training. Still with that said, I want my strength&size back badly to be dealing with those gorillas. (guess I found my new motivation now), But in all seriousness I really need your help on this guys.
    This is only my second post. So for some of you's who may have read my first one. Sry I don't mean to just keep throwing up my life's stories. Instead of info on training cuz honestly idk that much either that's why I here to find out. B/c all I did was trained heavy while taking spawn going from 175lbs to 222lbs. I'm not a trainer(obviously) who knows what will target what. It's just I used to lift heavy **** up and put it down after 8 reps. The thing is I incorporated that into every workout routine I did. That's prolly why I had plateau'd. So guys plz routines on what worked for you's to get back in the game after a lil break.

    & Thank you in advance for your help!

  2. we answer this question ALOT. search around the training forum and u will find a routine u like
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