At home core workout... Here's what I got so finish

  1. At home core workout... Here's what I got so finish

    I want to start a core only/cardio day... Here is my at home version..

    ( this is graphic but I can't do sit-ups or crunches somethig between my butt hole and sach feels like it clicks and is very uncomfortable.... So ya no sit-ups for me.... Trying to get abs a different way)

    20min on bike
    3 sets of planks 1 min each
    100 jumping jacks

    That's all I could think of so far... What else will work my core without doing sit-ups and such due to whatever the heck that thing clicking is .

  2. Try standing weighted crunchs,ab roller,jump squats,see what that does.

  3. Combining "core" and cardio into a routine is really combining two very different things.
    Core work usually means torso stabalization ability. Doing endless situps is not the same thing.
    Things like one arm bench press, turkish getups, one arm deadlift, one arm suitcase deadlift, overhead squat, and military press work the "core"

    If by "core" you mean ab development and not necessarily trunk stability which involves lots of muscles, you could try turkish getups

  4. Why not look into plyometrics and circuit training, and apply with a focus on abs. Mountain climbers, burpees, seated twists with medicine balls, standing twist, the things recommended above, etc... do these things fast paced one after the other keeping heart rate elevated. Rest (or maybe get on the bike if u like) then go for it again. All sorts of ideas can be put to the test.
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